Sending SMS VS Push Notifications to Users

Is anyone doing either for their app? What type of information is needed from the user for each? How is each implemented?


You can check this two documentations:


We use SMS notifications a lot. What is your specific “use case”?

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Mostly for when something new is added to the app. I know both have some limitations however.

So in that scenario we use a webhook into Integromat which then handles SMS notification via ClickSend. Works really well. Alternatively, if the notification is scheduled, rather than triggered by a user interaction, then we set Integromat to handle it for us.


Ah ok cool! Where do you create these messages?

I found Twilio better, if I’m not wrong, ClickSend doesn’t allow multiple senders, right?

Not sure what you mean there. I setup an account per customer. Works great. But will look at Twillo for sure.

You create the messages via click send?

and is this better and notifications?

What I mean is that I tried to use ClickSend for a customer that needed to send messages to multiple users at once, but ClickSend did not allow it, it was only one message to one user at a time. Twilio allows to send one message to multiple users

Ok. Understood. However in ClickSend you can send to a single number or a list via the Integromat integration,

Good to know about the integromat integration, I’ll give it a go next time I need it! Thanks!!

When a user needs “important” notification I use Integromat to send them SMS vis its ClickSend integration module.

Got it! Where do I compose the message they will receive?

Within Integromat. You can “hardcode” it in there OR you can pull it from the information your app sent in a webhook OR you can grab it from a row in your G Sheet.

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ok great, and this is better than app notifiications you think?

Well it’s not that it’s better, but rather that Glide doesn’t support app push notifications (apart from those related to the chat component on an Android device AFAIK). So if you want to notify your app user about something important then you have email or SMS (and potentially WhatsApp with a few gotchas). In my scenario SMS works well, although there will be a cost of circa 2.5p (0.025 GBP) per SMS.

As an aside, the lack of push notifications is a general issue for most PWAs right now, not just those created using glide.


OK gotcha!! Thank you! Will look into this then.

Also does this work for iOS? and what information should I be getting from the user to send an MMS or SMS?

It’s just a text message. So just their mobile number.

I don’t need their service provider?