Sms Integration

Guys I’ve got an integration in my application (zappier sending email).
It works fine but I dont find it very functional.
I need to make an integration that sends me the appropriate data via sms.

Do you suggest any app that can make this integration via glide? I mean send me an sms instead of email. (Im in Cyprus)

Thank you very much!

Take a look at integromat. With the integromat app installed on your mobile phone it should be possible to send sms through your phone using a web hook action.

any video or explanation available?

Integromat + ClickSend is a sweet combo

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I need something to work with glide like this:

@Jacktools_Net but does it work with glide?

You can use the webhook action to send the data to integromat.

Send SMS This function allows you to use the Send Text Message module in your scenario to send a text message. The recipient number and the text message content must be entered into the respective fields of the Send Text Message module.

I did not try it, but I see no reason why it should not work.

You have to install the unrestricted version of the app.


In this scenario you will be sending the SMS directly from the phone rather than from the “back end” which I guess is ok?

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Thats true. This could get expensive. But to use an other sercice could get expensive too.

Guys I still didnt find anything that I can work with, I cant find a video or a doc that explains that you tell. Dows anybody know a little bit more? Thanks

Ive made an integration with zappier and SendClick. On zappier it works fine when I test it it sends me an sms. Using glide tho, it doesnt work. Any ideas?

Sorry but I don’t use Zapier, only Integromat. However if it works in Zapier but not from Glide then it sounds as though your issue may be the Glide - Zapier integration bit.