Notification Digest Texts - Sheet Formulas + Integromat

I have been struggling with this problem for a while and I thought I should ask the community for help. :grinning:

In my social app, there are several activities and events that prompt user notifications. A user could get several a day, but I don’t want to spam them with texts. So, based on user preferences, I would like to send a daily text with the most important notification followed by a summary:

:date: A new event was posted at Loma Alta Park. See 4 more notifications LINK”

Design Details Here
  • Here are some sample notifications:

  • This is what the sheet looks like. Each one has a category ID “type” that can be compared to user preferences to determine if it is eligible for a text - “Text Notifications”

  • And here are the preferences:

(Later I will add a preference for Instant vs. Daily)

  • Sample user preferences for notifications


So, I am trying to figure out the best way to summarize unread notifications each day so I can send text digests to users via Integromat.

Does anyone have any ideas?