Notifications using Integromat/Zapier

My app is setup with 1 sheet for Users and 1 for promotions. I want to send an email to all Users every time a new promotion is added (which is a new row).

Since Users and Promotions are in separate sheets, how can I get the Users information if we use zapier/integromat as these system will looking at the promotions sheet? Anyway to implement this using Glideapp directly?

Any alternative suggestions are much appreciated.
Thank you

You can use a textjoin function to join all emails into a cell in a separate sheet, then populate the promotions sheet with that cells value using arrayformula for a column.

Hi Thinh,

you mean

  1. for the promotions sheet, we have a column with header like “emails”, so when a new row is added, the textjoin function will collect all the users’ emails and join them up?
  2. then notification is sent out via these email?
  3. so if you have 1000 users, then 1000 emails will be joined up every time a new promotion is added?


  1. Create a list in any email marketing tool.
  2. Add a user to the list as soon as they sign up.
  3. When a new promotion is added, send the email to this list. It may need some work in setting up the campaign for every new promotion.
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Great suggestion, might work with Zapier and Mailchimp. I haven’t actually tried it despite having used Mailchimp for 1 year.

So basically adding an email to Mailchimp for every new user row, add a tag to them, let’s say Promotions.

Then another Zap that triggers a new Mailchimp campaign for every new row in Promotions sheet, send it to the list of people that are tagged with Promotion.

Interesting that @ThinhDinh , I know little about Mailchimp, talk more about it, you can trigger a campaign created (with a list of several e-mails) by an e-mail sent by Zapier, is that what I understand? :thinking:

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Very straightforward using Integromat. Set it to monitor your promotions sheet for new rows added. When that triggers set it to read all rows in your users sheet, perform any filtering (e.g. only those who have subscribed etc) then email each one using their email field via SMTP (or a preferred bulk emailer). No need to change your sheet structure.

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Thank you. I have tried the following way with integromat

  1. Trigger with new row added in promotions sheet
  2. What action do I need to take for second step with the google sheets? I have tried search rows and get range values, but does not seem to be what I need which is users’ data
  3. This step would be to send out the email, but having trouble with step 2.

Much appreciated more details.

Module 1: Trigger when new row added to promotions sheet
Module 2: Store variable(s) from this row e.g. promotion name etc
Module 3: Read all rows in user sheet (possibly filter non-subscribed)
Module 4: Send email (e.g. SMTP) using variable(s) to build content and user rows for addresses

thank you. I am still learning integromat.
for Module 2, using which module to store variables? another google sheet? a little more details will help.

kind regards.

Use the “Set Variable” module:


to store a value that you can use later in a subsequent module

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thanks very much. working well. I also notice that without “Set Variables”, the promotions information will also be available as well when we send email (gmail).

appreciate your help.

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Even better! Well done!

Can you mark my suggestion as a solution if you think it works? Thanks.

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