Small images showing big

I’m using an Image component with a url to show a small heart (favorite/unfavorite item).

The original images are tiny pngs:

corazoncito naranja hueco
coranzoncito naranja

l selected Image/ Design/ Small. It was working perfect some days ago, now they’re shown in big size, no matter if the style is square or circle, in the mobile or desktop view.

I tried using an url and uploading the image from the editor and it’s the same problem.

The strange thing is that the other Image (the beer can) is working well. This image was uploaded to the page from an administration app I made, not from the editor.

Can you please check what’s happening?

Thank you very much

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Not a fix but they just rolled out an emoji column when you can adjust the size. Have you tried the outline and filled heart emojies?

Thank you for the idea. Now I’m using emojis in a rich text component, because I need actions (favorite/unfavorite).

I have the same issue.