Image problem

I’ve got a problem with the image component. Unlike the original images, they are not shown correctly. Can anyone give me any suggestions?

2 options:

Actually make it smaller, like a thumbnail. Then when people tap to view you can have an action that opens the image link in a new screen. This will be full size and users can pinch and zoom.

The other is to insert a container filled with blank spacers. Set the image for the container to be the image. Not a great option but worth trying.

This doesn’t happen on images that aren’t array objects, right?

Ya the issue is that the image is in a multiple images column so the container has to conform to a uniform size for all images.

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The issue is that the two aspect ratio options (Full and Square) yield the same result (1:1).

Should the following image be the one for the Full option and still maintain the container?

Could you please provide more details? Specifically, are you seeing this issue on a particular platform or device?