Add an image inside button


Is there a way I can add an image inside a button? Instead of no BG or a solid color.



Solved this one. Thanks!

So did you use CSS or just use an image as a button?

Image as a button :slight_smile:

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Hmm its really pixelated though.


I have it at 100 x 500

Hi @Jen_NYCP

Sometime I have used an simple emoji which, whilst it is limited and does not give a whole background image, often it is just enough.

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I need for it to be an image so there can be some description of what you are clicking to. I tried it with the original dimensions of 6912 × 3456. Still blurry.

@Jen_NYCP tried this?

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The image is high quality png. It’s something with the dimensions I am guessing.

I also have it uploaded as a URL, not to the glide editor. Maybe that’s the issue? I would rather not make another column for this.

I wouldn’t think the url directly in the component without a column shouldn’t matter, but could you share the url here for us to try it out?

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Hello @Jen_NYCP how are you, I’ll tell you, I was able to do it with photoshop, I’ll give you the file in .psd format if you want it for you to edit it. Greetings from Argentina.

I think I like the image as a link a little better, just trying to get it to show up clearly.


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Figured it out!


What was the problem?

The image was too small. I believe I was still pulling the 100x50 instead of the larger one.

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In the future, I think it would be helpful if you can detail out the solution to the problem if you have found it so people who come and read this later would know how to solve it themselves. Also mark that as the solution for the thread.

Many times I faced this scenario on StackOverflow, the poster solves the problem themselves but didn’t give any clues how he/she solved it. It would help the community a lot, and thanks in advance for doing that.