Slow loading time!

20 seconds to open Glide pages on Iphone11

Is this normal?

Can you give us a link so we can test?

Takes about 4 seconds on my iPhone after sign in.

did you access with all components visible in 4 seconds? Just confirmed your email to enter the private space, please check again, it takes way too long. Thanks!

Okay, I just signed out and signed back in again and I see what you mean.
One thing I noticed is that the “KnowHow” tab is the first tab that loads, even though it’s not the first tab - this is what initially gave the impression that it was quite fast.

Looking at your actual first tab - the Dashboard - my guess is that it is possibly very heavy in terms of computations, and this could be why it takes so long. So my advice would be to take a close look at what’s going on with the components on that tab. For example if you have components that are using relations as a source that are linked to other large tables, and then doing calculations (rollups, etc) on top of those relations, then that will add to the computational load. What you might need to do is try and keep the first visible tab as lean as possible. This will allow extra time for all the computations to take place.

That’s about all I can say without actually looking at your App in the Glide Builder.



ps computations are still very simple for such a long time but it is what it is… !

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