Sites that work well with web view?

I am trying to embed a site that I create inside Glideapp. The purpose of that is to keep sections such as FAQs and Blog inside the app but avoid going beyond the 25k rows offered by PRO version. Has anyone figured out which sites work?

Sites I tried without success include:

Google docs
Dropbox paper

Thanks for your help!

wix sites

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Thanks. Will give it a try

Google Sites

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Wow! That would be cheaper as well. Thanks for sharing.

I stand corrected, sorry.


most google products do not work with webview

My app has a webview to Carrd - works great. My referral code if you need it -


Thanks. Will check it out.

Thanks for the recommendation

It does indeed work, thanks however I have experienced very slow loading (even when removing the delays, fade in animations etc in carrd)

I’ve made hundreds of sites on Carrd. Never had load issues. I tried it on my app and it seems okay for me.image


Thanks for checking your end. Perhaps it’s a local issue to me. Have a good weekend

Wow! Had no idea this existed! Muchas gracias! One page is enough for most of my projects.