Using Glide with Carrd

I’ve already built a pretty good looking Carrd website, but I can’t seem to get anything to link to my Glide app. Also, is there a way to let visitors download my app from my website?

Can’t you just add a link to the glide app url?

Once they open the app url and they are using Safari on IOS or Chrome on Android, it will prompt them to install the app.

Make a big button leading to the Glide url.


I keep creating links and buttons with the app’s url, but it doesn’t take you there, and the address just keeps disappearing. I’m in the seven day free trial, and I seem to be on the mid tier plan. Do you guys think I need to upgrade to a Pro Plus plan so I can do “redirects”? Do you think I’m limited because of the plan I have? Have you guys been able to do it, on a lower tier plan? Am I just missing something small?

I’m not sure I understand. I’m not familiar with Carrd, but I would think it would be easy to create a link on the Carrd page. Shouldn’t matter what what plan you have for your glide app. As long as you have a published url, you should be able to link to it from anywhere. Are you using http vs https for the link? Could you share your app url and the Carrd url?

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I just tried. Added a button that linked to the app page on Glide without a problem.


Which plan do you have?

I don’t have a Carrd URL yet, because I’m waiting to create the website I want before I assign it the domain name that I bought for it. Maybe it’ll work better once I publish it. If I publish it with a Carrd domain, but I end up making it to where I really like it, can I change the domain to the personalized one?

Now I have a paid version, but I don’t believe that working links are for paid versions only :wink: That is such a basic thing that there must be a different reason why things go wrong.

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Do you think it’s just that I haven’t published it?lol

That is a possibility.I don’t believe it is tied to your Carrd account.

If I publish it with a Carrd domain name, will I be able to change the domain name, later?


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I think you have to publish the app before sharing it anywhere. It’s like it doesnt exisit to the internet until you publish it.

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Thank you! :grin:

The app is published, but the website is not. Oh, if I can change the published app’s url, I should be able to change the website’s too! Duh! :joy::rofl::rofl:


Not sure how easy it is to change the Cardd URL, you might have to make another account which is a headache. (I would look into that first) I feel if you share the glide URL to yourself or another via text or email and it works and disaplays as you want it, you should be good to go.

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No, it is not difficult.

Would that be a “redirect”? Then I would need the Pro Plus plan, right?

If you want to change the Carrd url for your own domain you need to start paying, yes! But that is without a problem :wink: I have done it.

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