Site keeping 'loading'

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
Site keeps “loading” when users land on it, and then they can’t go anywhere or scroll (frozen)

Expected behavior:
load normally

How to replicate:
inconsistently happening. can try going to site.

Link to demo recording:
screenshots I’ve received from users this week

Is that an application published in stores ?

That spinner is not a part of Glide–something else is showing it.

Yes it is also published in stores.

Where are you getting these images from?

These are screen shots sent to me from users who logged onto the app and it was frozen and spinning

So weird, when you say something else, do you mean like the phone system? I don’t understand what else it could be.

No, my question is about images in your app. As David mentioned, the spinner is not from Glide… are you using some integration to get these images? Or did you upload it to the Glide server?

Oh. No integration. They just upload the pictures to Glide.

they might not have a location on… I see your app is accessing location service. Try to turn it off, and use it only when asking for the location

It’s definitely possible it’s location based. The location permission button has been broken in Glide (at least on my app) for over a month and the engineering team has been trying to fix it. Working correctly it shouldn’t be frozen bc of that though? I have back up options within the app for when location is off or not permitted.

I think that is the reason… The app is accessing the location and can’t pass through it… that’s why it is getting stuck… some of the devices might not have a popup window service asking to turn on location, or Glide does not have code for these devices or OS.
You have to take it out… or let users know about this problem… try to reproduce that in Apps… I think Apps do not have this problem.

It’s a problem from your app part, not from Glide. You need to delete that spinner and put maybe a splash screen with your logo.

There is a separate splash screen with logo before landing here. Once someone lands on this main page, it’s not only still spinning, but the entire thing is frozen. Are you saying this spinner was added to the app from the person who put it in the app store? I did not do it myself.

Correct, this is not a spinner from Glide. You must be publish again your app without this spinner.

I use on my apps (publish on stores too) a splash screen with logo or animation like Lottie file, so after my animation my Glide app was already charged.