What is this thing, and how do I get rid of it?

I keep getting this perpetual loading icon on my detail screens, it just keeps spinning. How can I fix it?

Works fine in the layout. Worked fine before. No new data added. It just showed up, and won’t stop spinning, no issues with internet connection either. Help!

Are you having something related to distance on that screen?

It’s a producthunt.com type product

  • All that’s above those buttons is a ScreenShot of a web page

That was my first thought—an image loading. Is it a huge image hosted somewhere other than Glide?

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Something is trying to load but there is no connection or no data to load. Please send a support link to support@heyglide.com with instructions on who to log in as and how to navigate to that area of the app.

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Hosted on Airtable.