Single Value updating in Sheet column


I have single value column (Last Feedback) which picks up a Last value from related table. I want the returned value to be updated in my column in sheet (LastStatus).

How do I assign the value from single value sheet column ?
Request a support, Thanks in advance.

Are you using a form to submit the status? You can now use actions on form submit to write to a column (set columns) in a related sheet through a single relation.

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Thanks Jeff. I am using a form to register a call in “call history”. While adding the record I am collecting responses from the lead through a dropdown. I need the value collected from dropdown to be updated simultaneously in the customer master header table in a column named LastStatus. I tried actions on form, but confusing me. I am sharing my app to get a better idea how it works now and how. Sorry for not able to follow your instructions.

Hi Jeff
Is there any way to move formula value to Sheet column value. As shown in the figure above, all what I need is to appear the value in Last FeedBack to LastStatus. Last FeedBack is a formula column which brings the value from a related table.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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