Update Sheet A when Submit Form B

Hi there,
before to get crazy by myself, Im asking help in the following:

at the time of write a new Form, to add a new record in the Sheet B
I need also to update a value (date) in the Sheet A
Perhaps A.UpDate = B.NewDate

I know its should be easy, but i didntfind the proper why, maybe with the realtion, but I dont know out to update the related table.
Any easy suggestions?

So is it something like A shows the latest update time from B?

Yes, when there is a new insert of data in B then update a certain field on table A

Is it specifically a date or a text/number column? I was thinking if you want the latest date in sheet A then you can do a relation - rollup with sheet B.

yes it is a date, but I can arrange it also with a simple flag eventually.
but best is to have the latest up date

In sheet A, let’s say you have:

  • ItemID

In sheet B:

  • Date of update (can be taken via the timestamp element of the form)
  • ItemID

Make a multiple relation matching the ItemID in SheetA to the ItemID in SheetB, then make a rollup column of that relation, taking the Date of update from SheetB and roll by latest.

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Rollup its a good great solution, thanks!

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