Updating Sheet column from Formula Column

I have created a column called Last Feed back, it’s a single value column linked to related table. It fetches the desired value and it’s fine. My purpose is to get this value in Sheet, the sheet column is LastStatus. How do I move this value while submiting form ?

Please help.

Create an action on the form submission, populating the new sheet column “Last Feedback” with the text from the form I guess.

Or you can have an arrayformula & vlookup to do that.

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I am trying out in different ways, but not successful. I think I need to brief on my tables

  1. Call register 2.Call history. I am adding new record in call history, I am trying out to find the related record in Call register (Row id is available) and update a column called Lastfeedback.
    This works if seperate form is added with action as set value. I want the action to be performed while adding record in Call History.

Hope you can help me.

Vlookup search for first row, in fact I want to get the value from last row.
Thanks for the support.

Try something like.

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(A2:A<>"",VLOOKUP(A2:A,SORT('Destination Sheet'!A2:C,2,FALSE),2,FALSE)

Assuming in your destination sheet, you have a timestamp so my idea is to sort that data descendingly by the timestamp.

By default, Vlookup takes the first match, so a descendingly sorted dataset will return the latest value.

More info on Sort function.

Thanks, this guidance helped me to solve the problem though it slows down the sheet.
I wish If it can be updated directly from Glideapp !!!

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Then actions will be the way to go. I take it Jeff has proposed a method in another thread?

In regards to the other thread, I still need to sit down and take a closer look. I think I was running into a snag when testing out my idea.

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May be I have not explained the context clearly. Let me attempt explain in simple steps.

  1. It’s an application for Telecallers who makes number of calls to same customer. I want to track the stages and efforts by each caller.
  2. The main tables are 1. Customer 2. Call Log
  3. I have a form which inputs daily call details in Call Log. During the call the customer may be identified as Hot, Warm or Cold. I need this values to be updated in Customer table as last status.
  4. As suggested by you I have tried using form action and set value, but set value can be done only the sheet opened with the form. I need set value in customer table.
  5. After submitting the call log record, I have created another Form button just to assign the value, it works, but the user has to click the form button. If they forget it does not update.
  6. In the Glide data model I have created Single Value formula, it works fine, but I don’t see an option to push that value to sheet column.

It would be great if you can help me in this.
I can share the application if that helps you to test.


Sorry for the delay, December was a bad month for me. Did you ever make any progress on this? I don’t remember if actions on form submit was available at that time, but I think it may work for you now. Just wanted to check up to see if you ever figured it out.

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