Updating values in related table

I have a table which contain customer name, address…. And next follow-up date.
(Customer master)
When user click on a name it navigates to detail view

From detail view the user update the call details clicking the form button

The user updates call details and next follow-up date.
I need the next-follow-up date to be updated in the Customer Master Next follow-up date.
This table is related to customer table.

Please help me to understand how this update can be done.
Thanks in advance.

Rather than trying to update a value in the Customer Master, would it be better to create a relation from the Customer Master table to the Call Detail table, then use a single value column to get the follow up date from the last row of the relation? Then you wouldn’t have a duplicated follow up date in two tables, and you wouldn’t have to worry if the customer master table wouldn’t get updated for some reason.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. I tried this method, the problem is that I have a list view showing all customers grouped by Next follow-up date. I.e, the sales executive will know what is the follow-up today, next day etc.

We add new leads directly in Google sheet with Next Follow-up date. Further when the user calls a customer this column needs to be updated also add a record in history.
That’s the plan.

Please help.
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I don’t see a reason why your grouping wouldn’t work with the single value column.

I usually avoid using the On Submit action on a form due to it not working correctly for certain things, but that’s something you could try. You may need a single relation in your Log table to link the record to the customer master, and then set the next follow up column through that relation. This gets tricky though, because usually the set column through a relation doesn’t work on submit, because the action usually runs before the relation can be established and doesn’t yet have the related row to update.

Or you could stick with my original idea and have a date column that’s set initially through the sheet, and then an IF column to choose where to use the initial date or the single value date when it’s not empty. I guess it all depends on how much you do with the data outside of the app and if you need that date to be visible in the sheet as well.

Or use an arrayformula with a vlookup, or query, or something like that in the sheet itself.

It’s hard to say what the best method is. It all depends on your app flow and how much you’re doing with your data outside of the app.


Thanks a lot for sharing valuable ideas.
I tried again with single column, but it displays only column which has value.
I am afraid how vlookup is going to return last value ?
For trying out the set value method, on submit what I need to do ? at least I can try and see whether it is working or not.

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Looks like the sorting is not properly coming.

The configuration for reference.

Please help

That looks correct to me. How would you expect it to look with that configuration?

Yes, initially it was coming wrong, I found out mistake.
Please guide me to set values from a table to another, i.e. I have last follow-up date in customer master table, I am also keeping a log file which is the history of calls made.
While adding new records in Log, the next follow-up date should be updated in master table.

Please help.
Thanks and regards,

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