Updating next visit date in master table

I am creating an application for the tele-caller team to call customer and update the feed backs.

  1. I have master table with Customer name, Phone, address, next follow-up date etc.
  2. I have a table to record Call history where there columns are Customer Name, date & time of call, who made the call, feed back and the next follow-up date.
    I have established relation between this table.
    I want to update next follow-up date in master table from the call log table as soon as an entry submitted through follow-up form.
    I tried vlookup in google, but not able to find the last row for a looked up value.


Please help to resolve this problem showing a method in google sheet / glide

No need for any sheet formulas. Use the relation you already created, then a rollup to get the max date from the relation.


Thanks a lot, it’s perfect solution.

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I want to identify whether the lead is HOT,WARM,COLD or LOST so that I can filter out the LOST data from display. This status is updated in CALL HISTORY table on each call.
How to ROLLUP this column value from the last record ?

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.

You can use a single value column and return the last value from the relation.

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Thanks a lot for the guidance.

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