Lookup Latest Row (idea for lookups with Multiple Relations)

Currently lookups don’t work well (or at all) with Multiple Relations. I have a use case where it would be helpful to pull the last row from a Multiple Relation.

I currently use a query to create a new sheet that filters the latest entries, but doing this through a Multiple Relation lookup would be cleaner… I think.

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Would an inline list > show only x component > sort descending by sheet order work?


Are you looking for the last row of your sheets?
According to my knowledge last roll don’t increase with multiple relations?
You can use rollup column to count or sum any value in sheets. https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/data-editor/computed-columns/rollup

Feel free to let me know I be any mean of help.

This is multiple steps, but you can do a rollup on your relation to get a max date for example, build a template with the rollup date and whatever you used for your previous relation in the sheet containing the relation and The sheet you are relating to. Then create a new single relation using the template to get only the last record. It’s a lot of Glide columns, but it’s better than a completely separate sheet and duplicated data.

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@Jeff suggested this to me several months back and I’ve used this logic a few times now…it works!

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