Weird behaviour for Relation and link to screen

Hey guys,

So first of all I have a bit of a funky setup because we can’t have relation or lookups with multiple criteria.
I needed to get the last occurence of related items, so I created a relation (multiple) from A to B, then a lookup on the latest date for B, then a relation (unique) on B in order to lookup several other columns

However, when I am on a screen that references A, and I want to use a button or an image that link to screen on one of the lookups, it does nothing
But when I add a relation element besides that image or button, the link to screen button works. As soon as I remove the relation element, the link to screen button does not work anymore
Attaching the screenshot of Data page, where you can actually see the matching related items, even though they don’t show on frontend.

Also adding a video to showcase the behaviour

Appreciate if someone could give some pointers

Also, if you have a better way of dealing with getting the latest occurence of a multiple relation, let me know
As far as I know, if I create a unique relation when there are several matching references, the relation will take the first occurrence in the sheet, not the latest.

I hope this makes sense lol

Thanks in advance

Often I’ll use a single value column set to “last” to get a most recently added row.

Hey V88

Can you elaborate on this? where do you set the single value column and how do you use it in the relation?
My understanding is that if you use a single value column then all rows would be set to “last” which defeats the purpose

Let me know

Well maybe I misunderstood, however you can use a single value column to return a row (essentially a single relation) from an existing multi-relation. If you specify “last” in the single value column then the row returned will be the most recent added.


Hey man

Thanks for the suggestion, it actually is a much simpler way to get the latest item (hoping that deleting an item does not create an empty row that will be filled by a newer entry)

It also effectively fixed my main issue, so thanks x2 :bowing_man:t5:

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