Single value: last value help

Hey Guys!

Quick question: If I have a sheet called posts connected via a relation to a sheet called comments then how would I pull in the last comment’s user-who-posted’s profile picture to a separate column? I tried doing it with a single value, but that pulls in the last comment’s profile picture from ALL posts, not the last comment’s profile picture from EACH post.

How can I do this?


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You should be able to use the relation as the driver for the single value column to get the last item.


The relation from posts to replies or from replies to posts?

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I would assume the same relation you have from posts to replies?

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Thanks for the amazing help jeff!!!

I did Last Replies>Image


Does anyone experience if we select single value, the table is the link field with the open link button, but the screen doesn’t appear when we share

Can you give us some screenshots? I’m not sure I understand the question that you have regarding the “link field” and the part “the screen doesn’t appear when we share”. Thank you.

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What’s the “right” action in your configuration?

i don’t know help me In visibility, I never input the condition, I try to combine the google sheet and glide table with a relation and a single value and the contents are in the form of a link, but I put it on the button for link relationships, it doesn’t appear when we share

I was just asking about the “right” (as in left and right) because in the screenshots you only show configurations for the left side.