🆕 Single value now supports "whole row" as a value

So you can now create a relation out of thin air?


What are the types of use cases?

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Hm… :thinking:

Maybe @Mark or @JackVaughan an chime in here. First thing that comes to mind is to display a random post/add/challenge/etc. to the user on your homepage:


I think this will be very useful in cases where we want to set up a details view for users but also need to display data from another sheet which could be like the “homepage”
That way, without having to create new columns/components in the user profile sheet, we should be able to display the data from other sheets in the same details screen


Ah. Agreed. Yes, a homepage that has many columns but only one row would be a good use case. Each user would then be “related” to that whole row.

Keep 'em coming all! More use cases!


I still don’t understand the best use of this. @Robert_Petitto Did you get any response from Glideapps team?

Single value-whole row complements the “independent screen config per item” option that you have on View Detail actions for inline lists. Another layer of flexibility - you can bring with you elements that are independent of sheets/lists and plop them where you want. If you have a catch-all sheet that’s not bound to a tab and you set column A to be an INDEX of sorts, using that column in a single value-whole row context is a calling card. It starts to act more like a relation column and you can look up other columns on that sheet instead of constantly setting up single value columns. Hope this helps.