Multiple Relations - Filter Latest Match

We have a pricing app with two tables. The first table is a list of the products and the second table is a list of the costs for each product.
We are constantly updating the costs table with new pricing. I am using a relation column to link the products to the costs. But it seems to be linking to the first quote rather than the latest one. When there are multiple relations how can I filter to show only the most recent one?

If you make the relation a multiple relation, you can then use Single Value → Last to fetch the last one added.

This works well but if old quotes are added for historic pricing it will show those as they are the last added.
Is there an option to show the most “recent” by a date field rather than last added?

Yes, you could use the new Query column to order the relation by date. You could limit it to return just a single result, although it will return an array so you would still need the single value column.


Thanks Darren,
I’m struggling to find the Query Column.
Is it an Array > Unique Elements or using the OpenAi integration?

You need to enable it. Go to your main Glide dashboard, and you’ll see a “Previews” section at the top right. You can enable it there.

Thank you, that works great

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