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I am making a request app for staffs. In the ‘show details’ i want to add the date of their previous request. What formula can i use in the glide table or on G sheets to get the previous date of that user?

You can use a rollup column for this.
Create a multi-relation from your User Profiles table to the “Request” table, joining by email or User ID.
Then do a rollup through that relation, taking the latest request date.


I did’nt quite get it.
Should i make a multi relation column in user profile or the request table.
and how do i roll up through that relation.

Can i share support link with you

In your user profile table.

Support links can only be used by Glide Support Staff (I’m not one of them).
You can share some screenshots of what you have if you like.


Thank you. Its working!!

But the problem is that it is showing only the latest date. Not the one from the previous row.

This is the request table

This is user table.

I want in the user table to show the previous request date ie. 13th Nov 2021

If it’s safe to assume that these will always be entered in chronological order, then instead of using a rollup, you could use a Single Value column, operating through the same relation. In this case, you would take the item that’s one place from the end.

If that assumption isn’t true, then it’s still doable but a little trickier. You’d probably need to use a couple of plugin columns. I’m thinking something like:

  • Start with a Lookup column through the relation, which would return an array
  • Sort that using the Array → Sort plugin
  • Use the Array → Slice plugin to take the 2nd last element.

Thank you very much. You are a LEGEND !!

Single value does the work smoothly

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