Single Value column - Row Owner

I have a single value column in a table that holds an email address.

How can I enable this as a row owner?

You can not use any computed columns as a row owner.

Is there an alternative solution to achieve this? Can I take the single value and add to a standard column somehow?

Can you describe your data structure? Why do you need to have a row owner in place?

I have a notes table and chat table.

Notes table stores the saved notes from a user. Chat table is used to ask questions about the notes table.

I need the users who are asking questions to only be able to retrieve answers from notes created/owned by them in the notes table.

You should add the users email address when the note is created. If you’re using a standard form to create the note, you can pass the email address as a special value with the form.

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When a user saves a note , it adds the email to the notes column already. Thats fine , i can use this as the row owner.

But on my chat table , Im using open AI to ask a question about the Notes table & retrieving the owners email of the note in the response from OpenAI , then splitting that email into a single value column on the chat table

Example from the chat table :

Chat Prompt | PromptTemplate | Chat Response | SplitResponse | Answer | RowID | Email

The Chat response contains the answer from the Notes table and is then split into the following 3 rows

Are you creating a new row in your Chat table as a part of this flow?
If yes, you can take that Single Value and write it into a non-computed column when the row is created.

A couple of screen shots might be helpful at this point, as I feel like we aren’t quite getting the full picture.

I think I got it.

The container with the form submissions has “additional columns” that I can set to users email address , then make that the row owner in the Chat table


yep, that sounds right :+1:

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