Creating a Row Owner with no Email Address. Is this possible?

I am creating a client portal app. I am trying to create row owners to maintain privacy.
I have created row owners on the Client Detail spreadsheet so that the patient can only see their own personal details.

I also have a client History spreadsheet which I need to create row owners so that the client only sees their own history. This spreadsheet does not contain the client’s email address. I have created a “relation” and then a “looked up” so the client spreadsheet now contains the email address. I however am unable to create a row owner from a “look up” column. I have also tried making a row owner with the client’s full name however this doesn’t seem to work either.

Any idea on how I can make this happen!?

P.s I am a newbie here so am probably on the totally wrong page with this!

Thanks in advance for your help

You can only use Emails or Roles with row owners and the column has to exist as a basic column in the table. Roles probably wouldn’t work here, but you need to find a way to populate an email column in your history table. You can’t use computed columns (i.e. Relation/Lookup) as row owners, because computed columns are computed AFTER data has already been downloaded to a user’s device (too late to apply security).

Also, since you mention “patients”, I feel obligated to share this:

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May we know why is this the case? How are you populating that sheet? I feel like what you need here is an arrayformula to populate the email sheet-side so you can use that as a row owner in Glide.

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Thank you for this information, it has been very helpful.

Thank you for also sharing the rules and restrictions. “Patient” probably wasn’t the best use of wording. I can confirm I will not be capturing any of these types of data!

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Let us know if you have any further questions regarding this, we’ll try our best to help.