Row owner value accessible to every user


I have a sheet which includes a row owner column.
Although there is a row owner column, I want a specific column seen by every user.
Is there any way to do this?

To give you more context, the sheet is not a form but a screen.
And the screen has add function.
If I didn’t have user’s email, row-owner column, I can have every user add any rows with an existing dummy row in the first row. I understand that whenever an user add new rows, the first row is overwritten as it is screen mode and I am okay with that.
After I made the sheet include a row-owner column, the dummy first row seems to not work for any other user and any user can’t add any row if there is not an existing row with their e-mail for the row-owner column.

I think to do what you want, the easiest approach might be to build your form on a separate table - a working table - and then when the form is submitted add a row to the first table (the one with row owners).

Just make sure that you don’t apply row owners to the “working” table, and ensure that it has at least a single row of data - so that the form components have a row to write to.