Row Owner on Other Tables

Hey all,
So how can I go about getting a working row owner column set for a table other than my main user table? I cannot use a template with the currently signed in user’s email because Row Owners has to be a basic column. I also tried using a button to add the current user’s email to the row owner column, but that doesn’t work because it has to recognize the user as a row owner already to display a button. Relationships also won’t work because there is nothing linking the two sheets until a row owner is assigned. Basically, writing emails into a row owner column outside of your main users table seems impossible. Are there any workarounds or ways of doing this? Thanks, cheers!

Are you trying to set row owners on an existing row, or are you trying to set it when creating a new row? When creating a new row, you can use the Email Special Value to automatically populate the column.

Can you describe in more detail and include screenshots of what you are trying to do?

Thank you so much Jeff! Yeah I wasn’t thinking about the addition of a new row. That was an easy fix for having been wrecking my brain for the last 4 hours haha. You’re awesome!

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