[Row Owner] Not working, am i doing something wrong?

Hi guys!

I’m a brand new user and i have been struggling for a few hours now…

I have a contacts sheet and a users sheet (Row owners is enabled)

Users > Email = Row owner
Contacts > ContactOwner(User’s email address) = Row owner

User creates a contact with a form > when the user presses “Send” it does a Set column value to ContactOwner field in my contacts sheet to “User’s email address”.

Now here is my issue, ContactOwner gets the correct email value just as i wanted it, but all users can still see the contact. However when i copy the Email > Empty the column > click out of the column > paste back in the copied Email > It works…

Does row owner always have to be set manually, or am i doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!



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Sounds like you should not do a set column here, you should be able to pass the signed-in user’s email as a special value, to the contacts sheet.

If you have a screenshot demonstrating how you’re setting up your row owners and how it’s still visible for all users then we can know more about the issue.

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This is how its currently setup. When i reset the value of the Owner column manually it seems to work.

Edit: Now it has a new issue… it will randomly show 1-2 or none of the contacts even if i manually copy the email in. I have checked all the visibility settings and filter settings but everything is empty, so that cant be the issue…

Your Owner column is configured as plain text. Try changing that to an Email type.

Its has fixed the randomly not working issue but its still not automated.

When i remove the Email and re-paste it back in to the column it shows up. But setting the value doesnt do anything.

The last row it the newest contact with out touching the Email. and it doesnt show up…

Once i manually copy paste the Email it show up.


I just looked again at your original screenshots, and I noticed two things:

  • Firstly, I see that you are doing a Set Columns Action immediately after a “Go Back”. The Go Back is going to change your context - you’ll most likely no longer be sitting on the same table - so that may explain why the Set Column Values fails.
  • Secondly, you shouldn’t need the Set Columns in the first place. You could add the Owners email when the row is created, using the current users email special value.

OMG thats it!

The special value added to the form, outputting to the Owners field works like a dream!

Thanks you!


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