Row Owner Column

Is there a problem with row owner columns?
It shouldn’t be able to access them with a single value column :confused:

Do you see this in the Editor only or in the real app?

In the Editor, it happens in all my apps

It might just be a display issue in the editor. I think this has been discussed very recently in another thread.

Can you clarify your question? Are you trying to make a single value column a row owner or are you pointing a single value column to a row owner column and you are seeing values that don’t belong to the signed in user? If it’s the latter, then, I believe you may see some weird results in the data editor because it still displays all data. In real world app usage, only the rows that belong to the signed in user will be downloaded to the device. Since computed columns, like Single Value, are only computed on the users device, it should work correctly because row owners would prevent rows that don’t belong to that user from being downloaded to the device.

If your single value column is pointing directly to the sheet, it will most likely pull in the first row value. In the editor, that’s the first row from all possible rows. In a published app, it’s the first row from whichever set of data was downloaded for that user. If you create a template column with a signed in user’s email, then a relation linking that template to the sheet with the row owner email, then have the single value column use that relation, it should look and work correctly in the editor and still work correctly in the published app.

If I completely misunderstood, then some screenshots might help me understand better.