Single relation lookup column pulling in multiple values

Hello. In the video below you’ll see I set up a single relation between two tables, then add a lookup to pull a column of info in from the other table.

However, even though I’ve set up this connection as a single relation, the lookup is pulling in multiple values? I’ve used the same configuration between two other tables in the exact same way without issue. What am I missing? Thx

@gannonatwork you have chosen the wrong table to lookup. You must use the rel_instructors you just created.

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Thank you so much! I overlooked the first option in the dropdown menu because the green GS icons stood out so much. I really appreciate your quick response and helping me figure this out.

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Sorry to bother you but I’ve got a follow up question:

What I’m trying to achieve is to have the values of a Choice component change dynamically when instructors are added/deleted via the app. The first table you see in the video is the table I’ve set up to house all of the choices for the component.

After getting this relation and lookup configured properly, it doesn’t achieve what I need. I assumed (incorrectly of course) that a lookup would continue to update/sync between the two tables once it was configured. Instead, it appears to be static and doesn’t update when the Instructors table is updated. I should clarify — it updates existing rows but doesn’t update with the addition of a NEW row.

What am I missing? Thx again.

@gannonatwork I’m not getting what you want

If you updated the instructors column and use that for your choice component then you should get all instructors. Don’t really see how you will use the lookup column.

Remember when you use relations then you should have a common key in the table you want to bring values into and in the table where the values are coming from. Say you had a template column called keyLookup in both tables with the value 1 then you could do a lookup where the rows you want to find should have the value in keyLookup. I will then find all rows

Sorry, it’s hard to describe. I’ll create a video to explain it better and post it here to help. It’ll be couple of days but I’ll ping you. Thx again.

I don’t understand the purpose of your Choices table. First of all, your relation/lookup is retrieving the instructor name. Why are you even doing that if you already have Instructor name in that Choices table, and your relation is using the instructor name to retrieve the Instructor name. That seems redundant to me. The way you have it set up, whenever you add a new instructor to the Instructor table, you would also have to add that name in a new row in the Choices table, so the relation and lookup could retrieve that new name. But again, why use name to retrieve the same exact name?

Second of all, why don’t you just use the Instructor table as the source of your choice component. You already have a table of instructor names. Why create a second table with those same exact names?

If you just use the Instructor table as the source of you choice component, then it will dynamically update as you add new instructors.


Hi, @Jeff_Hager. I really appreciate you taking time to look this over and provide your input. I got so locked in to creating the choice tables for other areas of the app, I totally overlooked this. Duh. :roll_eyes: That totally makes sense — thanks for getting me back on track.

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