Not able to get Lookup value derived from relation in the front end

Hi Guys,

I have a relation column in Table A which gives me list of conversations for particular campaign.

I am querying the relation column to give me the latest conversation by using query

I am using look to get the query result to get the latest date

However I am trying to set this value inside my container on the front end, I am able to see all the column names in the table except for these, Is there any restriction ?

Screenshot of my Table

This is my UI screenshot where I cant find those values.

Could you guys please help me out?

Thank you in Advance


Use a Single Value column instead of a Lookup.

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Your relation is set to “match multiple”, so the lookup is returning an array of values, not a single value. You are trying to display this array with a text component, which does not allow arrays, it only allow text single values.

Your options:

  • As @Darren_Murphy suggests, target one element of the relation with a single value column rather than a lookup column.
  • If the relation does not need to be match multiple, then recreate it so that lookups on that relation return single values rather than arrays (I have the feeling this will not work for you).
  • Create a Joined List computed column on the lookup, this will join the elements of each array by a separator of your choosing (a comma by default).