Displaying Lookup column's values in the layout

I have a lookup column filled with values that I would like to display in the layout. However, when I’m in the component’s configuration menu, I cannot select the lookup column in order to have it display the values it contains in a list.

The relation and lookup columns do not appear as a possible choice for the data source, therefore, I can’t select them…

How do I display them in the layout in a list format along with the rest of the row’s information?

Thanks for the help!

How are you trying to display it? Do you have screenshots of what you have and what you want to see?

Long story short, you can’t display an array of multiple values in something that only accepts a single value.

But, there are several options depending on how you want it to look visually.

  • Change your relation to a single relation, so the lookup only returns a single value.
  • Use a Joined List column instead of a lookup to return multiple values as a single delimited list (single value instead of array)
  • Display your multiple relation as an online list.

There’s a few other ways too, but it really depends on what you want the end result to look like.


Hey Jeff, thanks for the reply.

So’im trying to display it in a data grid. Here a the screenshots from my tab, my layout, and the component’s configuration drop-down menu. As you can see, even though I have the proper columns, they don’t appear in the drop-down menu…



OK. Have you tried either changing your relation to a single relation, or add a Joined List column instead of a Lookup column?

The Joined List worked great, thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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