Signatures not visible via spreadsheet?

Hey, so I’m making a form within my app which requires a signature at the bottom. Then afterwards, I was going to mail merge the spreadsheet info into a template. I wanted to archive these forms in a way that was more readable, just as if they had filled out a paper form. Then we can save the digital forms for a few years without wasting the paper.

However, when a signature is entered, it appears in the spreadsheet (and template) as a URL (Would prefer an actual picture, but I understand if this isn’t possible. I know signatures are treated kind of like image components).

But when I click on the URL, it’s just blank. The signature is not viewable from the spreadsheet/through the link. It is only viewable within the app. Is this a bug or was it developed this way on purpose for security reasons?

I’ve copy-pasted the link below, which is viewable on this forum. But when you actually click on the link, it is not visible

It’s there. Are you using a dark theme in your browser? It’s a png, so the background is transparent. You might be seeing a black signature on a black background.

I use a dark theme, but I think the browser background is black irregardless of the theme chosen. If I invert the color pallete on my phone, I can see the image.

Ok, I guess my screenshots don’t capture the inverted color pallete, but trust me, it’s there.

This is how I invert the colors

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Very helpful info!

My computer was not on “dark mode” previously. I tried switching to “dark mode” as much as I know how on a computer (, and it still didn’t work. Background is still black with black text signature.

So I need this to be visible on a computer. And changing computer to “dark mode” either isn’t possible in the same way as phone or isn’t working.

However, I discovered something. When I right-click and inspect the page, and move my cursor over the html, the page gets highlighted blue-ish, and I’m able to see that the signature is in fact there.

Do you have any other possible solutions? If I change the app to dark mode, will the signature color be white? Any other ideas? I need this to be easily viewable by other people in my office when someone clicks the link.

How do you plan to view the image? Just clicking the link in the Google sheet? I’m sure you could build some html or css around this to view on a page with the background color set to white.