Can I change the color of Signature background?

Hi, Glide community. I have a problem

The theme of my application is dark.

I have added a signature component to one of my forms. I want the background of my signature component to match with the theme, and the signature to appear white. Is that possible?

Right now the background is coming up as white which is looking really bad.

Showing up like this for me when I set it to dark theme.

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Don’t know what is wrong with mine

Do you set it specifically as “dark theme” or do you match the device’s settings?

Specifically as a Dark theme!

That’s weird. Can you create a new app and try the same thing to see if the problem is specifically for that one app you reported here?

Sure, I will try that.

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Let us know how it goes.

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I also see it with a white background. but its better then what it used to be - no background and black on black :slight_smile:

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