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Hello all,

I made some searches but don´t find any tickets about the subject. I created the app, but in smartphones the background is white and in the desktop the background is black as I want. Tought it could be because the icon has a white background. Change it for black but the issue remains. Are there a way to solve this? Thanks for your help.


Hi Jeff,

I created and published the app in dark mode. I see it dark in desktop ( production mode ) but in my iphone 6plus and samsung android ( 2 off ) the app is with the light mode. Go back and forth, change the background icon color, which I tought it could cause the issue, but nothing fixes it. Don´t know what to do more!


Yes, but did you check the checkbox to match the devices theme? Also did you change it after installing on the device? Do you force close the app on the device to force it to get the latest app layout changes?

Yes, the “match device theme” was always checked. When I published the app for the first time I don´t have it fully done. But I save it with the dark mode. After that I add some items and so far so good as the app update the data. Since it is a public app I don´t have a way to force close, I guess! What I did several times was to delete it from the smartphones and made a new install. The changes in the app are seen, but the background won´t change to dark mode.

Well, if you have the “match device theme” checked, then it’s going to use the light or dark theme setting on the device. If you don’t want that to happen, then just uncheck the “match device theme” checkbox.

Thanks very much Jeff. I tought that option would be used for other reason. Now, this is working fine.

All the best.
joao coelho

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