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Hey, so I’m making a form within my app which requires a signature at the bottom. Then afterwards, I make my google sheet a template, and it will convert to PDF and mail to the user right away.
The problem now is how to make the image of signature changeable so that it will display on the PDF format.

Not sure what flow are you using here to convert it to a PDF, but for this same use case I used Zapier/Integromat + PDFMonkey to feed data into a PDFMonkey template. It accepts image URLs so signatures were added to the PDF automatically.

Was thinking if you can use an IMAGE function to help your case.

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Im using the data received from glide to google sheet.
And i create template based on the data we received. (as per picture)
and use the script, to convert PDF and email to user.
So i cant use the monkey one as you stated just now.
can i know, Is there any other ways?

var replaceTextToImage = function(body, searchText, image, width) {
    var next = body.findText(searchText);
    if (!next) return;
    var r = next.getElement();
    var img = r.getParent().asParagraph().insertInlineImage(0, image);
    if (width && typeof width == "number") {
      var w = img.getWidth();
      var h = img.getHeight();
    return next;
  var replaceText1 = "{Sender Signature COL H}";
  var replaceText2 = "{Recipient Signature COL W}";
  do {
    var next = replaceTextToImage(body, replaceText1, image1, 150);
  } while (next);
  do {
    var next = replaceTextToImage(body, replaceText2, image2, 150);
  } while (next);

This is a script I use to replace words inside a template with an image from your sheet.
Let me know if it helps

PS: It’s a script which I have copied from somewhere as well but it gives me the output that I need which is very similar to your use case.


Since I’m not expert with script , can you assist me which part in this script I should change ?
For your information my image URL is in cell.

Can you show me the sheet structure and which columns have the signature images?

Also show me your existing script.

Hi Manan,

Thanks for your help and idea.
Very very helpful. I’m very appreciate it !
I just found out the way to display the image.
I’m using the formula "=arrayformula(image(“the link of the image))”

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Is that image being shown inside the pdf as well?

Yes, correct.:slight_smile:

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