Sign In option showing up in a Public App


I have a public app. When I add a tab to the Menu, the Sign In option shows up in the Menu. If I don’t add any tab to the Menu, I see just the info icon. I have not configured any sheet for collecting user details, nor associated a sheet to the Sign In option. I would expect the Menu to not give an option for signing in to the user even when I add tabs to it. It looks like a bug. But not if this is intended.

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 11.08.09 PM


Interesting behaviour. I think it’s because the “sign in” part hasn’t been considered to be disabled by Glide in this specific case.

Do you have that Portfolio tab in a details view and want to include some CSS to remove the sign in part?

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Don’t really want to include CSS. Was hoping that Sign in won’t be part of the app when the app is public.

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By any chance, do you have a comment session in you app?

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The sign in option has always shown whenever you add tabs to the side menu. I don’t think there is a way to make the sign in option not show whenever the side menu is visible. It’s always been that way.

Use cases for why this seems buggy to the app maker:

  1. The end user sees the Sign In option. Clicks on it, signs in. Now they can see the Sign Out option too. So they think they are in a private session. The app maker however cannot see the user details as they have not created any sheet to capture user details.

  2. Now that end user has signed in, they now click on a Form button to submit some details. The form asks them to fill Email (instead of automatically capturing this detail from user’s signed in email). The app maker has not configured this feature as they are not capturing sign in details. The end user feels weird that since they are in a private signed in session, they should not be typing in an email again. (This point is a feedback from user testing)


Can you rephrase ?Does it work or not ?Are you saying that if we haven’t an user sheet made for credentials are not being captured ?Am i correct ?