from sidebar is different?

So, why is it when I use a Public / Email setup that if my users go to the sidebar the sign-in process is different in the way of adding an additional “Name” input before the login.

This seems strange to me since if I use a custom action it simply goes to the login screen. The other issue about that sidebar way is that it caches the email. So if they enter it wrongly they are stuck unless they force close and or clear the cache. Your regular Joe is not going to know how to do this.

It seems like somewhat of a built in onboarding but greatly misses the mark. I personally create my own onboarding process each time as I have special fields I usually have to set anyway. This would be things like a default role etc…

Yeah, this has always been the case when you sign-in from there, or try to leave a comment when not signed in, I believe.

Glide said it’s for security purposes, but I think many people have been confused that they are not able to use that “name” anywhere later on in the process.

The best way is still to create your own onboarding process.

The issue is then the whole caching part. I wish we just had the ability to add conditions to that tab.

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