Showing lookup data result from other table

Hi All,

I have a set of data on table “MainTask”:

  1. TaskName
  2. Description

and on table “DailyActivity” I have set of data:

  1. TaskName
  2. RelMainTask (that relate DailyActivity>TaskName with MainTask>TaskName)
  3. LookupMainTask (Lookup from RelMainTask to MainTask>Description)

Now, when I choose something from the TaskName dropdown, I need the text below it to show the content of MainTask>Description, but the text cannot even read the Lookup result?

Is there anyone who can help/guide me through this? Thank you in advance.

Check your relation and make sure it is a single relation.

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Single relation means, it’s not a multiple match relation?

When you are in a form, nothing is written to the table until you submit the form, so computed columns, including relations and looks won’t have any values until it’s submitted.

My suggestion is to create a custom collection in the form that is sourced from the main table and set up to only show the description. Remove any actions from the collection. Then set a filter on the collection to only show the row where the Screen Value from the choice component matches the task name in the collection.


Thank you so much @Jeff_Hager

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