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I have 2 tables: Leads and Payments. I have a relation in Payments table, that shows a relation to one single row in Leads table, which is correct.

I want to display information in the Payments table from one particular cell in the Leads table via lookup. However, it shows all the rows’ information in one cell in the Payments table.

It should show one name in the “Partner name” column, not all the names:

I hope I explained it correctly. Thanks in advance

Can you show how each of the two columns are configured please?

Sure, here it is.

The Payments table has a column Lead, which matches the column Name in Leads table.

Then I do lookup of the Partner name column in the Leads table

I want to show Partner name that belongs to each lead. The Partner name column looks like this in the Leads table:

Yes, it’s as I suspected - the problem is with your Lookup column.
You are doing a Lookup on the entire Leads table, rather than via the relation.
Fix that and you should get the result you are expecting.

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It’s that easy, wow. Thanks a lot!

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