Inventory problem!

Is it possible to fill a table with value of other table.

We can do it with a USER but can we do it with product.

For exemple: I have big data list of all the beer i sell in my bar. I want to be able to do an inventory without recopying every name and price and stuff I already wrote. When my staff submit an inventory, I want to have the total price of my inventory. The problem come when the seller change the price of the bottle. I want to change it only at one place where my catalog is.

The way to do this is with a relation and a lookup. If you can add a screenshot of each of the two tables, I can guide you.

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Thanks for your answer. I’m now having another issues ! My lookup column won’t appear :frowning: . Some of them appear but not everyone… ?

I have an event page and when my team is ready, I need to transfer all the data from my team to another sheet to create ticket for the event with other column.

When you’re in the event page, you can push the button to export.
It open a new page link to the export sheet.
I insert a form in this new page and I want to map the correct info to the correct export column sheet by default.
I can see some of the lookup column but not all of them ???


I answer myself ! To be seen in the form, a lookup column may refeer to a relation that has “Match Multiple” uncheck ! :innocent:

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