Lookup Values in Basic Table

I have created an app where it can record payment received against a product in instalments.
So I have 2 sheets:

  1. One with product information
  2. To record the payments with amount & date

Then I’m using a relation between 2 sheets and using a lookup to get the payments received & date of payment against each product, so it gives me an array column for multiple results.

I want to display this in a table when I open any product’s detail page in the app.
Can someone guide me with this?

P.S. Screenshot attached

Thanks in advance…


You cannot display Lookup values once you’re picking those values from a multiple relation

It worked only it is single - with :white_check_mark: Multiple option not checked in the relation

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Hey Lucas!
Thanks for the reply…

Would you suggest any other workaround?

If you want to actually display the values rather than the relation, the only way is to pull them back using a joined text column.


If you simply want to display the payments made with date, take a look at this


I want to display the multiple values against a particular transaction.

This looks great.I’ll try this out

I tried a workaround and it works smoothly.
So, I have a sheet where the entries of payments (“Payments Sheet”) are stored and one sheet where the products (“Products Sheet”) are stored.

Step 1: Use Template column (naming it as “Combined”) to format into the following type
“Amt - Date”
replace “amt” with the amount
replace “date” with the payment date

Step 2: Create a relation in products sheets which relates the “product name” from products sheet to “product name” in payments sheet.

Step 3: Use lookup column (naming it as “Get Payments”) in products sheet to lookup “Combined” from payments sheet

Step 4: Set up a new column with joined list component (naming it as “display payments”) and refer it to the “Get Payments” column

replace “,” as a separator with “new line” (by pressing enter)

It’s done, you’re all set to go.
Now you can make any entry to the payments sheet and it will immediately be added to the display.

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