"Show the whole image" is not working

It seems “Show the whole image” is not working with the image component. If I select, 3:1 or 3:2 on an image that is square, for example, the image is cut off exactly as it would be if I chose “Fill the area”. I noticed this broken a few days ago and meant to report it. Can anyone else confirm this bug?

Hi John, can you link me to an app where I can see this happening?

@Jason, sure.


I just copied your Finstagram app, and then I went in and on the detail screen for the images, I changed the photo from “Fill the area” to “Show the whole image” and I also changed the shape of the image from 1:1 to 3:1. Now as you see, all images on those detail pages are thin at the top and their bottoms are cut off. That should be the behavior if “Fill the area” is selected, but if “Show the whole image” is selected, the image should be resized small to fit in that 3:1 area (with black pillars on each side). But right now, if you change between “Show the whole image” and “Fill the area” there is no difference. I hope this explanation is clear.

Okay you are also getting hit by the face gravity change. I am working on a better solution now.

What is face gravity?

We did some work to make cropping of images automatically detect faces and crop to them when cropping is required. It sometimes backfires like here. I’m putting out a fix now to turn it off by default and make it an option.

Got it. Yeah, I just did a forum search for Face/Gravity and saw @david’s post a week ago about new features and went to staging and saw Gravity (Face) option on tiles.

Yeah renaming that to Crop Behavior and going to make it live. Also changing the default :slight_smile:

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