Image Preview

My app’s URL:

If you click on my app
and than click on the menu “classifica gt”
You will see that the preview image is cut.
I would like to avoid to cut the helmet of the riders.
Is that possible somehow?

You could crop the images to make them more square. The face centering AI can be hit or miss sometimes. Especially with the helmet shots, where there is no recognizable face in the image for the AI to center on.

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the face centering is working in the photo details, but it is completely missed in the preview image.

Can you show and explain what you mean by it working in the photo details? Isn’t that just the entire uncropped photo on the details screen vs a square cropped image in the list? The details screen has little to no part of the image to crop unless you change the aspect ratio of the image

On the details screen the full size image is appearing to work compared to the “preview” list image because the details screen has an image with a vertical aspect ratio, but the list has a square aspect ratio, so it has to heavily crop the image). Again, it’s mediocre AI and if it can’t recognize a face in the image, so it’s probably just Center Cropping instead of Face Cropping. Making the image square would solve the problem in this case.

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As you can see from the first pic. the face centering AI is working and the tool is cropping the right area (helmet).
The second picture shows a list of item with the preview image, on this case the preview image is not showing the helmet, I’ve tried all the possible combination, but the preview image is not changing and the helmet is cropped.

Were there supposed to be pictures attached to your post??? I need some screenshots to make sure I’m not missing something in your explanation. As I understand it, it’s working as expected because the face is hidden behind a helmet, so the artificial intelligence can’t determine that it needs to center on the head.

I went back into your app and I see you changed to the cards style list with a vertical aspect ratio. Of course those appear to work because of the vertical aspect ratio compared to a square aspect ratio, so it just “happens” to fit.

Again, a helmet is not a face, so there is no face for the facial recognition to center crop on the helmet.

I would add side bars to make your images square, or crop the images square if you want the full helmet to show.