Faces crop behavior - is it working?

Tried out the Faces crop behavior in Tiles and Images - but it doesn’t really change anything on images where there are clear faces?

Has anybody got it working?

Are the faces centered in the image? It’s not a crop so much as it’s centering faces vs the center of the image. It works fine for me and makes sure faces show in an image that’s cropped.

@Jeff_Hager I made a simple app

I cannot get the images to get centred

Any ideas

It was working for me in my daily quiz app.

@Robert_Petitto would you mind trying this app - and posting the picture.
I can see you are on an Android phone whereas I is on an iPhone.
That might be the issue?

Yours look exactly how I would expect it to be

Thx :slight_smile:

Nope. I’m on iPhone. I can try in a bit…cooking dinner.

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Can you either allow your test app to be copied or show your tile settings? I don’t think the device would matter. I think Glide may be doing this through cloudinary or something like that.

@Jeff_Hager Stupid me - I forgot that. Should be ok now.

You know, I think it might have something to do with the unsplash image, or how it’s receiving it. It might be more of an api call as compared to an actual image location. Maybe it’s not entirely compatible with cloudinary or whatever Glide uses to control that. If you download the images and re-upload through glide or through google drive, then it will work.

@Jeff_Hager alright - now I see a difference when the image is put in g-drive (Driver and Sarah). But the face isn’t getting in the right place. Glide cannot really find the head.

Have a look if you want - but thanks for telling what the problem is.

The ratio 3:1 might be to difficult for glide to handle. Ration 3:2 looks better

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I download the Driver an Sarah photos and uploaded directly through glide to firebase. One of them worked and one didn’t. Maybe the facial recognition didn’t work for Sarah because her eyes are closed. Not sure. Maybe there’s something weird with stock photos that we can’t see. I’d maybe try actual personal photos or random photos from google images. For the little I’ve used it, I haven’t really noticed a problem, but you can only do so much with artificial intelligence. In my experience it’s maybe a little heavy on trying to center the face, but I’m also not using a 3:1 ratio either.

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I also reported this as a bug and it’s still not working…


It’s really messing up my employee directory! Lots of heads cut off! :upside_down_face:

My app is hosted and about to onboard it’s first company client so I’d really like to not have their heads cut off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One way to validate that it’s not working on my end is that not only do the faces not get located and centered but the images don’t shift at all. Oddly I have an image in another part of the app for events, a bunch of cocktail glasses, and that one shifts even though there is no face. It worked great a while back when I did the IG clone while learning Glide so I think something has happened. Looks like it has been some time since this was first reported so would be great to get an update as to whether this is a bug or not. :pray:

I made a little video to demonstrate this issue:

Face cropping is based on machine learning, its less than perfect unfortunately. Those machine learning algorithms often have biases and flaws that prevent them from doing what we expect. Further face cropping is not supported for images provided by unsplash (we would have to re-host those images unfortunately).

We use Cloudinary as our current upstream provider for face cropping, they are as best we can tell the best in the business at it, even still they are not perfect.


Thanks Jason, does this mean there is no bug and hopefully it works better for our clients/users because hopefully their profile pics are not from Unsplash. If you just confirm this is not a bug I can withdraw my bug report. Thanks!

In any event is this coming out for Cards or should I make a feature request? It would be really helpful there with NOT unsplash photos too!


Adding it to cards is a good idea. Will put it on the board.