Off with their Heads! Crop Behavior not working

Video that shows this issue:

Another thread for cross reference this issue persists for at least a few months now:

PS: Once this is fixed can we have crop behaviour on Cards too?! :innocent:

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You’re on a roll today, @Deena! :smiley:

Haha, I know. I’m polishing off my first app before the first customer onboards on Monday and so I guess I’m being extra nitpicky!

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These are all really good catches. Also, you’re making it a lot easier for Mark and team by capturing videos.

All the best for the first customer onboarding! :slight_smile:

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I believe this was covered in a different thread but the gist of the answer is

  1. Doesn’t work with unsplash links due to boring technical reasons (but will work with pretty much any other link)

  2. Will not always be perfect, we actually use a third party provider for face detection and cropping and while that provider is the biggest name in the category they are not perfect. We’re definitely not implementing this ourselves so there is almost nothing we can do to improve it.

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@Deena Do you mind sharing a sample app with just screen and detail. Just wanna do some trial and error if it help fixing the issue.

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Yep, that would be great. I have to get some stuff out today (and I’m sure you have things to do on a Sunday!) but I will send it over to you next day or so. Thank you so much for offering to have a look!

Love to help. I am just enjoying to be part of the community.

By the way how the image is being added. It is manual or user upload in there profile. Please share a sample image also or if you are share a sample app i suppose i can get url from sheet then

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To Jason’s point, these were all Unsplash photos that I staged in my demo app. I’m going to send you an app with the directory page so you can see. I will first upload images that are not from Unsplash and let you know if that works better. I guess for all of us we want the demos to look good too so we’ll have to use a different source to get a better result. Back to you soon!