Way to crop/size/adjust image after uploading?

Currently when using the image picker to set a profile image on a details screen Glide auto-crops the image to fit into the set ratio of the image component. The image options in the builder are a bit limiting when dealing with users uploading their profile photos.

Could you add the capability to adjust the uploaded image before setting it? Similar to how most applications with profile photos operate - example below. This would avoid users having to spend time uploading multiple versions of photos using trial & error until they succeed with a version that perfectly fits the frame how they want it.

Since not all photos call for such precision this could be a checkbox option in the builder for each image component.


It’s worth taking a look at some of the posts about Cloudinary which will really help you here.


In case you weren’t aware, image components and tiles do have a face centering crop behavior option that uses AI to center the image based on a face. It’s limited but I wanted to make sure you were aware.


I did read through several of the Cloudinary posts before posting - they didn’t seem relevant. Checking out their site now to see if I’m missing something that could help me. Still seems like this should be native to Glide tho :thinking:

Thanks Jeff, I did see that and it is a cool feature! Unfortunately my users are creatives and wouldn’t want to be restricted in that way. (Not all profile pics will be faces and some will have people mixed with objects etc…sort of like how people treat social media profile pictures)

I thought it would be nice for Glide to consider this as a native feature since it’s a common behavior for profiles and a control that users expect to have these days.

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I think it’s worth noting all image options you have now in Glide are done by Cloudinary itself. I’m not sure how Glide would integrate an option like what you proposed to their flow but it would be great to have that.

The flow I think they do now is:

  • Let users upload image
  • Optimize that in the backend
  • Do transformations in the front end with whatever you tell them to, each image option corresponds to a Cloudinary parameter

@ThinhDinh that’s super interesting! So it’s all Cloudinary all the time, even if the interface is different :thinking:

The Cloudinary examples I’ve seen in the forums make the image upload process look more complex than Glide’s native process. Still just beginning to explore this though. This is good knowledge, thank you.