Sheets Errors?

Hey, anybody else notice strange behavior in the app over the last few days? I have a Google Sheet that is represented in the App via a filtered list. It works great, has for months… But the last few days I’ve noticed that new rows are not being reflected in the App even though the filter criteria is correct. Oddly, if I duplicate the list, I get the same problem. But if I recreate it using the exact same settings… it works like a champ!

I thought I was crazy, but I just did the same process of rebuilding it for a third time and now I’m asking for help… Any ideas?

note I’m at the 250 tier so I have more rows than I know what to do with…

Do you have a max number of items set on the collection?

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Can you show some screenshots of your setup for that specific component, including max items, filter and visibility?

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