Sheets and Visitors

Since the visitors are unlimited, do they have to be added to the sheet with their email and name to use the app as a visitor?

No. Visitors do not sign in to your App. As soon as a visitor signs in, they become a User.

When visitors open the app, no record is ever created in the users table. Does this also mean that the app cannot make use of features like roles, row-owners and user-specific columns which are dependent on a user profile record?

Roles & Row Owners require User Profiles. User Specific columns do not.


If a visitor adds data to a user-specific column, then exits the app and returns later, will Glide retrieve the visitor entered data in the user-specific column? How does Glide know which data belongs to which visitor without a user profile?

The data won’t be retained across sessions forr visitors.

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It doesn’t. As Thinh noted, user specific data won’t persist across sessions for visitors. But it can still be used within a single session.

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