Sharing the app in WhatsApp

Hi all,

Did any of encounter an issue that when sending an app link from the app to WhatsApp if the the person that receive the massage doesn’t have you as 9ne of his contacts he receive the message as link only without the app icon, description etc. And the link is not clickable.

Is there a way to make sure the App link always arrive as clickable link with the icon etc.


@yinon_raviv This is most likely due to the end-user’s security settings, as in, if the link did not come from a ccontact in their list, then it is not clickable by default. This scenario is especially true with Spam that arrives in your email. Therefore, I don’t think this will work from Glide’s end.

Thanks @Carlos_DeSilva. Do you know of a way to fix/go around?

Would putting all spammers in jail work?